Wire Red & Black 8AWG D4.3/6.5mm x 1m Näytä suurempana

Wire Red & Black 8AWG D4.3/6.5mm x 1m


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D-MAX Wire Set Red & Black - 8AWG 1+1m

This is a high quality wire with a high amount of copper strands making it very suitable for RC models and other hobby projects. The wire is covered with a silicone based insulation material and together with the high strand count it’s also very flexible.

Short and Thick is Good

In electric high powered models we are recommending you to use short and as thick wires as possible (within reason) together with a matching diameter/area connector system for optimum performance.


  • Length: 1+1m
  • WG Wire: 8
  • Area Wire: 10mm2
  • Diameter Wire: 4.3mm
  • Diameter Insulation: 6.5mm
  • Wire: 1650 Strands of Copper @ 0.08 mm
  • Insulation: Silicone Based