Advantage ONE 1X5A Laturi 50W AC/DC LiPo/NiMh


Team Orionin perusmallinen älylaturi LiPo (2-4s) ja NiMh (1-10s) akuille. Latausteho max 50W.


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The Advantage ONE 1X5A from Team Orion is a very easy to use charger that offers enormous charging power at an affordable price. It can charge 2S to 4S LiPo or LiFe batteries at an adjustable charge rate between 0.1 and 5A as well as NiMH packs up to 12 volts.

Presentation of the Advantage ONE 1X5A
The Advantage ONE 1X5A is a versatile and easy-to-use charger that is ideal for replacing the standard chargers that come with RTF/RTR aircraft, helicopters and cars. The Team Orion Advantage ONE 1X5A charges 2S to 4S LiPo batteries at an adjustable charge rate of 0.1 to 5A as well as NiMH packs up to 12 volts and can accept XH balance plugs.

Versatile charger for LiPo/ LiFe up to 4S and Nimh up to 12V.
50 watts of power


Battery Type : Life / LiPo / NiMh

Cells Number LiPo: 2-4S

Charge power: 50W

Charge Rate: 5A

Connector Type: Bec/ Deans/ Futaba

Input : 230V

Integrated Balancer: Yes

Modes: Charge

Type: AC

User interface: LEDs/ Buttons


Weight: 252g

Width: 125mm

Length: 132mm

Height: 55mm

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